Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two or more cats in the house

Two or more cats in the house

Q Two of our three cats often gang up on the other one—for example, pushing her out of her
favorite napping spot. How can we help them get along?


A Cats like to roughhouse, so it's important to figure out whether you're observing bullying or normal play. These animals are dramatic—hissing, screaming, acting all tough—even when they're not upset. But if anyone's getting hurt, it needs to stop.

Never leave the gang together unsupervised if you suspect actual fighting could occur. Keep them in separate rooms or crates. Be careful not to encourage aggressive behavior when you interact with them—simply stop playing if anybody gets too feisty. (Yelling at your pets will only fuel the hostility.) Reward good conduct with praise and treats. You should also create a few new resting places on shelves or other high spots so each pet has a safe area to nap. Extra litter boxes (a total of at least four) will cut down on territorial issues. If the harassment continues, a squirt of water from a spray bottle should nip that in the bud.

One of my clients has 33 cats who, occasional shrieks aside, have learned to coexist in peace. Yours will, too—with a little guidance from you.


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Help! my cats are terrorizing us and each other!!!
They are both fixed and females and our Maine coon, Nina pees all over the house and our black kitty, Luna is too afraid to poop in the litter box. Luna loves everyone but panics easily and Nina hates everyone, Luna including.
Oh please help us!!!