Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitten litter

Kitten litter and litter boxes

A kitten or cat needs access to a litter box if it is not able to go outside when
it wants to. The litter tray may become redundant once a kitten is fully immunized and has learned to use its cat flap into the garden, although it is
preferable to encourage your cat to stay in at night. Even when very young, kittens are inherently clean and will not soil their bed. If a cage or crate is being used during the settling- in period, it should be large enough to
contain a litter box.

There is a wide range of products available, from basic plastic litter boxes to
covered litter box models with entrance flaps and filters to minimize odor. The key point about litter boxes is that they must be easy to clean, and tough
enough to withstand frequent washing and disinfecting. They should also be
in a position that is easy to clean.

Toxoplasmosis is an infection that can be shed in a cat's feces without the cat
showing any signs of disease. It is, however, a hazard to humans, especially pregnant women. Disposal of feces less than 24 hours after passing and regular cleaning of litter boxes with plenty of water and detergent is effective in the control of toxoplasmosis. Some household products contain ingredients, which, although fine for use in the home, can be toxic to cats. The staff at your vet's should be able to advise on these.


The various litter products available should be acceptable to the cat, reduce odor and absorb urine. It should also be easy for the cat to scrape the litter over any feces deposited, which it does instinctively.

Sawdust, woodshavings, cinders, ash and newspapers are not advised; nor
ire some pine-wood products that can be irritants.

Clay, wood and paper-based litters: some are highly absorbent, others are superfine and form clumps when wet.

Kitten litter

Kittens arc instinctively clean. This feral kitten was abandoned by its mother and when a litter box was provided, automatically began to use it after being shown it once.