Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cat Flaps & Cat Mate

Cat flaps

Cat flaps are cat-sized window pet door that are fitted about 15 cm (6in) from the base door. The most practical design for window pet door is one that is gravity-loaded so that the door automatically closes after entry or exit, and with a clear plastic window so that the cat can look through window pet door before venturing outside.

Cat flaps are a boon to the indoor/outdoor cat that is not afraid of operating the window pet door and whose owners are not always at home to obey the cat's every whim. They allow both cat and owner a degree of independence from each other. The main disadvantage of cat flaps, particularly when there is no such feline control, is that neighbors or feral cat will soon learn to use window pet door, particularly if delicious food is known to be available on the other side of the cat flap. This could lead to disease or infection being brought into the home, or territorial fights, or both. One way of overcoming this is to have a cat mate electromagnetic cat flap that allows entry only to cats wearing the appropriate collar and gadgetry - usually in the form of a magnetic tag that doubles as an identity tag.    
Alternatively, you can allow your cat limited freedom, and, for example, lock the window pet door at night when you are unable to keep an eye on unwanted visitors. It is useful to buy a cat flap that can be locked to prevent your cat from going out at certain times, or other cats from coming in. Your cat will soon become used to whatever routine you set.

When you introduce your cat to cat mate electromagnetic cat flap or window pet door, spend some time encouraging it with your voice and showing it how the window pet door works. Put the cat on one side and cal encouragingly from the other. After a few times, it will know exactly what to do by itself. However, it is not unusual for some cats to steadfastly refuse to use window pet door - particularly if the cat flap was introduce after the cat. The same goes for cat flaps on covered litter trays (pans).


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